WHR and Affiliated Resorts - West

Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch

A classy resort in a classic western setting, Blue Mesa Ranch is a mountain hideaway perfect for stealing away and sharing tales of the day’s best catches. Besides fishing, the resort offers such recreational opportunities as hunting and boating, and it resides in an expansive outdoor playground for 4-wheeling, horseback riding, and hiking.

KM Travel Inn Resort

Travel Inn Resort is strategically located at the gateway to Ocean and Mountain recreation, just 30 minutes away from the Coastal Beaches.

Ocean Breeze RV Resort

Ocean Breeze (formerly Ocean Shores RV Resort) Pulling into Ocean Breeze feels like pulling into a little cove of wilderness on the forested Washington coast. In the spacious, secluded sites, hidden among the giant evergreens, visitors might notice that most of their neighbors have wings or fur.

Soap Lake RV Resort

Soap Lake Resort is graced with volcanic bluffs and trees that offer shelter and privacy. This friendly RV resort is situated on the shores of a mineral-rich lake, one of only two in the world. People still proclaim the healing properties of the water, but maybe it’s the combination of beauty, activity, relief from crowds and traffic, great food, and companionship that makes them feel so renewed.